Cyber Solutions provides several mailing services for your direct mail campaign. We can handle your job whether it is a small print and mail job or a massive mailer.

Through our knowledge of postal regulations and sorting procedures, you’ll receive the lowest postage rate available while also having the most accurate list possible. We use industry standard mailing software that sorts your list according to postal regulations. This decreases the amount of work the post office has to do, which results in the lower postage rates.

Our mail processing provides the following features:

♦ Import your list from disc, flash drive, email, or FTP
♦ De-duping by address or name
♦ Address correction, resolution, and standardization
♦ CASS (coding Accuracy Support System) certification
♦ NCOA (National Change of Address) database processing
♦ Sort by your requirements
♦ Variable Data Personalization
♦ Presort to USPS requirements
♦ Address and indicia ink jetting
♦ Hand affix stamps
♦ Delivery to post office

We have the ability to obtain mailing lists for your promotion from several list vendors. We can provide lists such as:

♦ Consumer lists
♦ Business lists
♦ Homeowner lists
♦ Saturation/residence lists
♦ Specialized mailing lists

An easy, fast, and cost effective option for local businesses is EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail). This affordable targeted advertising technique lets you map your marketing mail audience by age, income, or household size. You can choose the ZIP Code and carrier route that will target your best possible customers—current and future. EDDM rates are 65-70% lower than First Class rates. EDDM pieces are great for:

♦ Restaurants
♦ Medical professionals
♦ Auto dealerships
♦ Contractors and home services
♦ Attorneys
♦ Realtors
♦ Local arts / community organizers
♦ Political campaigns
♦ Other local businesses

Our production floor is equipped with a Baum folder. It has right angle folding capabilities and in-line scoring, perfing and gluing. Special folds like “Gate Folding” — which is often used for brochures or pamphlets, and standard folds like the “Tri Fold” for letter mail, are typical applications in our production capabilities. “Slit and Nest” feature is also common practice with letter mail. Our staff is dedicated to ensure your mail piece is folded to specification in the timeliest fashion. Folding is quick, accurate and efficient; the Baum folder has a folding capacity of 10k/hr with very little spoilage.

Handwork and custom assembly is expertly done by our staff. Typical applications include: non machinable envelopes, promotional packets, gift packs, fulfillment assembly, labeling, hand matching, and multiple piece insertion. We welcome complex jobs as they are handled by our reliable Handwork department.

Typical applications include:

♦ Insert letters into 9×12 envelopes or larger flat envelopes
♦ Post-It notes application on letters
♦ Matching multiple letters into non-window envelopes
♦ Matching mail items of different substrates then inserting into an envelope
♦ Cards, Labels, and postage stamp affixing

Cyber Solutions has an inserter on site. We run a Pitney Bowes Mail-Stream envelope inserter, and feature 4 to 8 pockets. The inserter is capable of inline sealing and metering. A maximum capacity of 35k pieces can be inserted within an 8 hr shift. Our inserter can stuff letters into commercial envelopes like #9s, #10s, 6 x 9 booklets, and as small as #7-3/4 size envelopes. Our reliable operators take the utmost care in making sure your mail piece are presented in professional and in the insertion order of your choosing.