We offer a full range of utility services including merge/purge, de-duping, gender coding, database matching, list enhancement and more.

Save postage by merge/purging your lists by finding and eliminating duplicates. Our software will handle consumer lists, business lists and mixed lists. You will always receive complete and detailed reports on every merge/purge run.

We have sophisticated matching software that can take any list and match it against any other list using name/address components and phone numbers. The resulting matches can be used for updating, enhancing/appending or suppression purposes.

If you are a business-to-business company you may be interested in our data enhancement services for business mailing lists. By matching your lists to our databases we can append critical information such as phone numbers, SIC codes, county codes, company size, and more. This helps to improve both the quality and value of your data. The data elements we can append to your lists are as follows:

♦ Business phone number
♦ 2, 4 or 6-digit SIC code
♦ SIC code description
♦ MSA code
♦ DMA code
♦ Latitude and Longitude
♦ County code (FIPS)
♦ Zip+4
♦ Barcode
♦ Carrier route
♦ LOT(line-of-travel)
♦ Company size (employees)
♦ Company size (sales)

The following maintenance can be done on any list to improve its quality for mailings as well as in-house administrative use:

♦ Fix/add missing zip codes
♦ Split combined fields (city/zip, names, etc.)
♦ Add gender codes to names
♦ Reformat records, put data into proper fields
♦ Sort by any criteria
♦ Search for and eliminate corrupt data (bad characters)
♦ Search for and eliminate/combine duplicate records
♦ Data quality analysis by fields or column positions